1) Initial Contact

You’ll never be kept waiting “on-hold” or asked to dial a premium rate number with us!
You can ring your adviser directly or contact our office

2) FREE Mortgage Consultation

As soon as you make contact with us we’ll take some brief initial details over the phone to see if we can help given your individual circumstances. From there we will make an appointment with you for your FREE Initial Mortgage Consultation face to face or by phone.

During this consultation we’ll take further details and based on this information we’ll be able to conduct research to find the most suitable mortgage, tailor-made to you and your current and future needs. This gathering of background information includes taking a detailed account of your incomings and outgoings further to the Mortgage Market Review changes that the Lenders implemented in April 2014.

It’s so important not to waste valuable credit searches and vital that your income is checked against the Lenders’ online affordability calculators pre-application. Negotiating through this potential “minefield” is all part of the service.

3) Quotation, Advice and Recommendation

Based on the information you provide we will provide you with a written quotation for our recommended mortgage.

Miles Rhodes is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our clients benefit from the Consumer Protection that provides, including a robust Complaints procedure in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong. In addition, we are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

We take responsibility for the Mortgage Advice that we provide you.

4) Agreement in Principle

Once you are happy to proceed with the Mortgage we recommend for you then we will apply for an “Agreement in Principle” to check that you meet the chosen Lender’s criteria. This will necessitate a credit check and if you pass then we will produce an Agreement in Principle certificate which you can present to an Estate Agent to prove that you have done your homework and are in a good position to proceed.

5) Completing all the Paperwork

We will complete all the paperwork on your behalf to save you time and ensure everything is done right first time so your transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

6) Safe and Secure

You can be assured that we will keep all of your personal information private and confidential and it is your right to request access to any information we hold about you. 

7) Keeping you in the Loop

Once your mortgage application has been submitted we will provide you with updates at regular intervals as to how things are progressing. You can also request an update from us at any time. Lenders turnaround times can vary and things can take longer than expected sometimes, especially if they have been offering very competitive deals as this can affect their service standards. We’ll do all the chasing up on your behalf to take the stress off your shoulders and ensure things progress as smoothly as possible.

8) Mortgage Offer and Conveyancing

Once the Lender has carried out their final checks and a valuation of the property has been carried out then a document called a Mortgage Offer will be produced. We will check this document over on your behalf, carefully looking through the small print for any special Terms and Conditions and answer any final questions you may have.

Your Conveyancer will then complete the process.  Conveyancing involves a lot of paperwork and it is vital that all aspects are correctly completed. If the solicitor or conveyancer is not diligent and efficient in sending off the right bits of paper at the right time, they can cause considerable delays to the process.

We have some great relationships with our preferred panel of Solicitors.  They help smooth the process, with modern conveyancing practices and operate with online case tracking facilities allowing you to access up to date information on your transactions 24 hours a day.  More importantly, we can manage this process for you and help you get your mortgage completed as smoothly as possible.

9) Keeping you Protected

As well as helping you buy a house we want to ensure that nothing that life throws at you in the future can put that property at risk. You can minimise those risks by taking out insurance to protect you and your family in the event that you were to die or become ill. We can also take care of your Home Insurance as it will be a condition on your Mortgage Offer that suitable cover is in place from Exchange of Contracts. If you let us arrange that on your behalf then we will ensure that your Solicitor receives a cover note by email to avoid any last minute hiccups.

10) Aftersales

We love to see people coming back to us again and again as their circumstances change and, with your consent, we will keep in contact with you post-completion.

The financial products that we put in place for you at outset may not remain suitable in the future so it’s important that we keep everything under review to ensure that you remain completely satisfied.

Want to know more?

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